Wind Mitigation

Had a new roof installed? Shopping for new homeowner’s insurance? You should have a new Wind Mitigation completed!

What is a Wind Mitigation?

A Wind Mitigation is a visual inspection to evaluate a home and it’s ability to withstand strong winds, such as those associated with hurricanes. The purpose of this inspection is to identify features and construction methods that can help reduce potential wind damage and increase the overall resilience of the home.

During the inspection, I collect the required information and photographs of various aspects of the property’s construction and design that can impact its resistance to wind forces. These aspects include the roof covering, roof shape and design, roof-to-wall connections, window and door openings, and the presence of protective features like hurricane shutters.

Following the inspection, a report is emailed to you that outlines the specific features that contribute to the home’s wind resistance. The homeowner will submit the report to their insurance provider.

In Florida, this type of inspection and report are particularly relevant because the state is susceptible to hurricanes and strong wind events. By implementing wind-resistant features, property owners may be eligible for insurance discounts from their insurance providers, as they demonstrate a reduced risk of wind-related damage.

Certified Wind Mitigation Inspector Since 2015
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