Home Inspection Checklist

You have your home inspection scheduled. Great! But is the home ready to be inspected?

Home Inspection Checklist

This simple home inspection checklist will help you, your Realtor® and the seller ensure the home is ready to be inspected.

  • Please make sure all of the utilities (gas, water, electric) are on. Should any of the utilities be turned off, many of the home’s components will not be able to be inspected.
  • Ensure the electric is on to the home and to all circuits and electrical components. A home inspector will not plug in components or turn on breakers during an inspection.
  • Be sure the water to the home is on and functional to all fixtures. Inspectors will not turn on any shut-off valves to get water to any fixture.
  • Should gas appliances be present, please make sure the gas is on to all of the gas appliances and that all pilots are lit. Inspectors will not turn on gas valves or light pilots.
  • If the attic access is located inside a closet or other area where personal effects are in the way, remove all items and remove any shelving that may be in the way of getting a ladder below the access. Inspectors will not remove any personal items or shelving.

You’re doing great, almost there, keep going!

  • Make sure the attic and/or crawl space doors are accessible and unlocked.
  • Make sure a key is provided for any doors requiring a key to be opened.
  • Be sure nothing is in front of or blocking the electrical panel.
  • Remove items stored inside the kitchen and bathroom sinks, bathtubs, showers, etc. so they can be visually inspected and tested.
  • Please ensure the dishwasher is empty so it can be ran, tested and visually inspected.
  • Remove any items stored on and/or inside the stove/oven so it can be fully tested and visually inspected.
  • Should pets be present inside the home or in a fenced area, please have them removed or stored in a secure place to prevent them from escaping through an open door/gate as well as to prevent any harm to the inspector.

Please click here to download a printable version of this home inspection checklist.